5. Bed and Breakfast: Part 2

    For dinner, I wore a nice button up and some jeans that made my ass look amazing. The idea was to make Ryan hungry for something else besides food.  As I walked downstairs my stomach began to growl from all the food smells floating through the house. By the time I entered the dining room I was practically salivating, but my hunger quickly dissipated when I opened the door. The dining room was by far the most exquisite part of the house. It was lavishly decorated and looked like something straight out of a civil war movie. The room was extremely posh for such an old and relatively small house. The only other guest had already arrived and was seated. He was thin and not too attractive in the face, but seemed like a nice guy. I took a seat and Marcie joined us shortly after. The food would be ready in a few minutes, she told us. We began to chat and in the midst of small talk, Ryan walked in. He was a sight to behold. He wore essentially the same outfit as me, but his shirt was tucked in. A mound of fat hung suspended over the front of his pants. With each step you could see a jiggle reverberate throughout his entire body, but it was especially noticeable right below the belly button. His jeans fit snug, especially in the thigh. I wondered how he could sit down without them ripping. Much to my delight, he chose the seat right next to me. The chair creaked as he relaxed into it.

    He greeted me warmly and there was immediately a palpable electricity in the air. The first few buttons on his shirt were undone and I could see his dark chest hair poking out. We exchanged a few words on how plush the surroundings were before he leaned back with one hand on his belly and said:

    “Where’s the food? I’m hungry.”

    No sooner had those words escaped Ryan’s mouth than the first dish came out. The chef, a very fit and attractive guy named Brad, served us. He announced that this would be a four course meal and we were beginning with fried mozzarella balls as appetizers. Everyone quickly dug in and the conversation drifted from the history of the inn to our personal back stories.

    We learned that the third guest was named Brandon and he worked in marketing. He was in Mississippi on business and would only be at the inn for a couple more nights. Altogether, Brandon was somewhat boring and my attention kept drifting to Ryan’s appetite. He was popping those mozzarella balls like they were candy. He must have eaten about half the plate himself before then the chef came out with more. It was very clear how Ryan had developed such an immense gut, and he didn’t seem to mind if anyone noticed.

    I found myself wanting to keep up with Ryan, but it was impossible. I was already getting full and the second course hadn’t even arrived yet. Eventually, the conversation became focused on myself and what I was doing at the inn. They were fascinated to hear that I was a writer, and successfully making a living off of it. Marcie in particular was quite giddy that a successful writer was working on something in her inn. I was relieved when the soup arrived and I was no longer the subject of everyone’s attention. 

    It was a clam chowder that was almost as thick as ice cream. Absolutely delicious, I didn’t have a problem keeping up with Ryan. I paid no attention to my tightening belt as I spooned in heap after heap of chowder into my mouth. It wasn’t long before Ryan noticed by voracious appetite. We made slight eye contact and with a mischievous grin, he picked up the pace. My imaginary eating contest had become more of a reality as the two of us crouched over our bowls and began to inhale the food.

    “Wow, it looks like Ryan isn’t the only boy at the table with a big appetite,” Marcie exclaimed as we took our last bite.

    “Well, I don’t know about slim over here,” Ryan began, “But I could go for another round of this chowder.”

    Like magic, the chef appeared with another steaming bowl. Not to be outdone, I requested one as well.

    “Would it be terribly uncouth of me to suggest an eating contest at my own inn?” Marcy asked. “And the winner gets… the winner gets breakfast in bed tomorrow morning!”

    Ryan and I agreed with big smiles. Brandon, seemingly disgusted, declined to join. Marcy counted to three and we dug in. I knew I wouldn’t win but couldn’t turn down such an erotic proposition. As I shoveled in spoonful after spoonful my dick grew rock solid, pulling at the leg of my jeans. I was barely halfway through when Ryan banged the table and declared his victory. Marcie cheered like a mad woman. As our plates were cleared, Ryan leaned back with his hands behind his head, his massive round stomach on display for all to see.

    “No worries champ, you never stood a chance,” he said, placing a meaty hand on my inner thigh and pulsing cock. He gave me a hard squeeze and added: “You might need to unbutton those pants.”


  6. Thanksgiving Delight: Part Two

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    "Lighten up, babe. It’s Thanksgiving. Give your chubby boys a break," Mark said as he slapped a big hand down on Grahams meaty thigh.

    This was met with a disapproving look and orders to drive to the grocery store for some last minute ingredients. Mark obliged, throwing on some jeans and an over sized T-shirt before he headed out the door. Graham and Jerry returned to their bedrooms where they took a shower and changed clothes. Graham was still incredibly turned on after seeing Mark down the pancakes and ended up beating off in the shower. Afterwards, he ate a whole can of Pringles and two Snickers bars. Mark was a great inspiration for gaining.

    The brothers spent the rest of the day watching Breaking Bad in Jerry’s room, while Mark planted himself on the couch to watch football. After several hours, Mark was surrounded by empty beer cans and complaining that he was starving. The boys emerged periodically to help their mom, but mostly they got in the way.

    Around four o’clock dinner was served. Mark had changed into a skin tight sweater that showed every curve, and a pair of jeans. Graham had decided to wear a button up that was a little too big in an attempt to hide his belly from his mother.

    Their mom’s cooking was generally bland and lacked any excitement, but somehow she always pulled it together for Thanksgiving. All the ingredients were organic, and although the boys were the only ones who ate meat, she always cooked a tremendous turkey. The smells filling the house were almost orgasmic and everyone piled their plates high with food, even Jerry. Graham and Mark inhaled their food. They were on round two before anyone else was even close to finishing their first plate. As they began to go for thirds Mom chimed in.

    "You two might think about slowing it down. Do you want to wake up five pounds heavier tomorrow?"

    Graham and Mark chuckled in unison and continued to stuff their face. Graham was beginning to feel full, but Mark showed no signs of slowing down. It soon became Graham’s mission to match everything that Mark ate. In record time Mark was piling up a fourth plate of food, half of it covered in mashed potatoes and gravy.

    "Do you really think that’s necessary?" said their mother disgustedly.

    "It’s Thanksgiving, are we really gonna let all this food go to waste?" Mark retorted.

    "Well I don’t think you need to eat four pounds of carbs to spare us the leftovers."

    Graham cleaned his plate and began to load up for another round.

    "Look what a great example you’re setting. Graham honey, I didn’t want to bring this up, but if you keep up at this rate you will be three hundred pounds by the time you’re twenty-five."

    "Honey, please. The kid looks good with some extra weight on him. He looks like a man," said Mark, giving a reassuring nod towards Graham.

    "I don’t need you encouraging gluttony in my children. It’s bad enough I have to put up with your piggish ways eating me out of house and home! I’ve never had to buy groceries so frequently in my life!"

    "Maybe I wouldn’t eat so much if I got some real food in here once in awhile instead of this hippie organic shit!"

    "I’m going to my mother’s!" she said and stormed to the garage.

    "Mom, you’ve been drinking. Let me drive," said Jerry chasing after her.

    The two hurried out the door and quickly drove away. Graham and Mark sat in stunned silence.

    "Goddamn," said Mark. "I could sure use a bong rip about now. You got any reefer, college boy?"

    Shocked, Graham said that he did. A minute later the two were passing a joint back and forth over the dinner table. Mark ruminated a bit on the current situation with a few vague one liners, then said:

    "Let’s eat."

    The boys began to chow down and the food tasted even more delicious stoned. They ate for what seemed like hours, filling plate after plate full of biscuits, turkey, mashed potatoes, and casserole. Every bite was drowned in gravy and butter. Graham no longer felt the least bit full and was jamming food into his mouth like he was being timed. Suddenly, he became self aware of his piggishness and incredibly turned on. His focus quickly shifted from the food he was eating to Mark and his rugged handsomeness. Before his eyes Mark began looking up at Graham with an an intense stare after each bite he took. As Mark shovelled larger and larger spoonfuls of food into his mouth the two began to hold unbroken eye contact. Graham was now rock hard and visibly flustered. Was Mark putting the moves on him?

    "That all you gonna eat fat boy?" murmerd Mark in a gruff and suggestive tone.

    Graham, completely shocked, sat still for a moment. Once he processed what was happening he began to eat as much and as fast as he could, the whole time holding eye contact with Graham. Eventually their plates were cleared and they began to just grab food off the table and swallow it down. No attention was paid to what they were grabbing, as long as it was nearby and edible it went into their mouths. The table began to clear off when Mark said:

    "We gonna eat that peach cobbler in there?" nodding to the kitchen.

    "Umm hmm," said Graham with a mouth full of food. "Whatever you want."

    Mark got up to grab the cobbler, allowing his sweater to ride up and his soft, bloated belly to jiggle with every step. Mark returned with the dessert and began to scarf it down with his bare hands. Graham was no longer questioning the situation and quickly joined in. Their mouths were soon covered in food and they were breathing heavily from a mixture of intense gluttony, THC, and sexual tension. As the cobbler disappeared, Mark began rubbing his cock through his jeans while once again holding intense eye contact with Graham. He nodded towards a bowl of pudding next to Graham and said:

    "Can you bring that over here?"

    Graham leaned across the table to hand it to him.

    "No. Walk it over here fat ass."

    Graham did as instructed. When he came around the table he could see Mark’s impressive manhood throbbing underneath the denim. Mark grabbed the pudding, and to Graham’s surprise, poured it all over himself.

    "Now lick it up."

    Graham got on his knees and paused in astonishment. Suddenly, Mark grabbed his neck and pushed Graham onto his cock. In ecstasy, Graham began sensually licking Mark through his jeans. Graham was now dripping in precum and began to pull down Mark’s pants to reveal a massive cock and soft, padded thighs. In one quick swoop, Mark lifted Graham up and they began to make out. Before Graham knew what was happening, he was hoisted onto the dinner table and laid flat on his back.

    Mark threw off his clothes, revealing a stretched and swollen belly. He pulled down Graham’s pants and the two began sucking and licking the other’s body in between mouthfuls of random food. Both their cock’s were about to explode with the slightest of touch. Graham began sucking Mark off, the latter’s belly smashed into his face. Mark was covered in sweat and breathing heavily. As he face fucked Graham his fat rolls bounced and dripped with sweat. He was soon overcome with desire and threw Graham’s legs up.

    Mark spread Graham’s fleshy ass before eating it out and shoving his cock in. Graham moaned in pleasure as Mark began fucking him on the dinner table. Their jiggling, extended abdomens grinded into each other. They were both covered in food that was beginning to liquify and drip from the sweat.

    "You like my cock, piggy?" Mark said

    All Graham could do was moan in ecstasy.

    "You like being a big fat hog?" Mark continued. "You wanna eat my cum fat ass?"

    Graham nodded and Mark pulled out. He held up his hairy overhang to watch as he ejaculated all over Graham’s face. Mark’s grunts filled the room. With one hand on Mark’s lovehandle and the other on his cock, Graham started to come as well. He began to shoot all over Mark’s back.

    Muscles tensed and in the midst of orgasm, the front door opened and Graham’s mom walked in.