5. Thanksgiving Delight: Part One

    Graham’s stiff morning wood pressed into his fleshy abdomen as he sat up in bed. Proud of his new found girth, he took a moment to caress his hairy stomach. Since the onset of puberty, Graham had been aware of his love for well-insulated men. He also knew that it was his destiny to become one of the fat, lazy Americans the news loved to report on. Since attending college in Seattle, Graham had gotten a few steps closer to realizing this dream- the evidence of which he was softly kneading between his fingers.

    Living at home Graham had always been a thin kid. At 5’11” and 130 pounds he was usually smaller than the majority of his classmates. Despite several attempts to gain while at home, he was never very successful. Food was expensive, gainer shakes were hard to hide, and his health-nut mother monitored everything he and his brother ate. As such, he knew he wanted to get as far away from San Diego as possible once graduating high school. He also knew that the second he was out of his family’s sight, he would have a pantry stocked full of the fattiest foods he could find.

    Once moving to Seattle, Graham found it to be surprisingly easy to gain weight. His parents paid for everything and gave him a healthy food budget. A week after he was settled into his new apartment, weight gain powder, sweets, pasta, and more filled his cabinets. Graham also began to take an appetite enhancer called X-Pand. Within two weeks he had gained six pounds. After a month- fourteen pounds.

    Currently, as Graham sat in bed massaging his belly the day before Thanksgiving, he weighed fifty three pounds heavier than when he first started college. A thought came to him he had not considered before this moment- what will his family say when he walks through the door tonight at 173 pounds? A flash of panic rushed through his body before realizing something. Yes, his mother will disapprove of his fifty pound weight gain, but even worse- what would all her organic cooking do to his poor belly this weekend? He proceeded to eat half a chocolate cake and a glass of milk for breakfast.

    The plane ride back home went quickly and Graham’s nerves were rising every mile he came closer to his family. Once landed, he blew close to $150 on airport junk food to keep his stomach from shrinking during the stay. His brother, Jerry, a spindly computer whiz, picked him up at the airport. As Graham approached the car, Jerry gave him a hug. Once inside, Jerry said:

    "You look big- beefier, healthier, I mean. Some extra weight looks good on you."

    Graham smiled and threw his bag in the back seat; the sound of chip bags and candy wrappers squeaking inside.

    "Sounds like you’re not slowin’ down either."

    Graham laughed and said, “Well, I can only take so much of her cooking. Sometimes you need something that doesn’t taste like cardboard you know?”

    Jerry agreed and the topic quickly changed to school, life, Mom’s new boyfriend.

    "Apparently you and Mom have the same taste," Jerry laughed. "This guy totally looks like your ex- tall and hairy as fuck. Except Louis was thin… this guy has got a freakin’ gut like you wouldn’t believe. Mom has had him on a diet since day one but nothing seems to be working. He’s probably got a stash hidden like the one in your bag there."

    As they drove into the garage Graham’s nerves were finally settling. It’s not like he was that fat- his BMI was just barely in the overweight range. No one at school had even noticed the weight gain, in fact, he was still smaller than many of his peers. The brothers walked through the door and their mom greeted them each with a hug. Much to his surprise, Graham received no comment on his expanding waistline. It was late and everyone quickly retired to their rooms.

    Graham felt a strange sense of accomplishment returning to his boyhood room fifty pounds heavier. He felt like a new person- more of a man than ever before. He soon began digging old clothes out of his closet and squeezing them on. None of the jeans would button, but he could still get on old shirts which clung to every roll and dimple. Graham fantasized about going out with high school friends and shocking them with how large he’d grown. The idea became extremely erotic and he began pleasuring himself. After stuffing down two 800 calorie sweet rolls in the heat of the moment, he came all over himself. He cleaned up and went to sleep.

    Aromatic food smells stirred Graham awake on Thanksgiving morning. Wandering out to the kitchen, he was greeted with a surprise so delicious he felt his cock begin to stiffen. There, before his eyes, stood one hunk of a man cooking what appeared to be chocolate chip pancakes. He wore pajama pants and a skin tight wife beater, his gelatinous beer gut spilling out of both. A little crescent of visible belly was covered in dark, coarse hair which trailed up to his chest and almost connected with the dense scruff on his neck and face. He raised a hand to wave at Graham.

    "I’m Mark, your mother’s boyfriend." As he said this, his belly bumped into the skillet, which sent him jumping backwards with a yelp. He laughed and declared, "this thing can get in the way sometimes."

    Graham chuckled and patted his small gut, “I hear ya. I’m Graham, nice to meet you.”

    "Your mom just went out for her jog. I’m sneaking some chocolate chip pancakes before she gets back.You want some?"

    Yes, please. I’m starving.”

    Jerry emerged from his room and the three of them scarfed down the pancakes. Mark ate an inordinate amount and drowned every bite in syrup. He washed it all down with a beer as Graham watched in awe. Mark let out a tremendous belch and leaned back in his chair, smiling. He seemed to be the epitome of “fat and happy.” Just then, the front door opened and in walked Mom.

    "What’s that smell?" she demanded.

    "The boys and I had some chocolate chip pancakes," Mark said.

    "Great, just what you need," she declared, "more sweets to fill that gut of yours. And same goes to you Graham. Don’t think I haven’t noticed that spare tire you picked up in Seattle."

    "Lighten up, babe. It’s Thanksgiving. Give your chubby boys a break," Mark said as he slapped a big hand down on Grahams meaty thigh.


  9. Bed and Breakfast: Part 1

    I decided to drive down to Mississippi to work on my writing. I needed a change of scenery and a southern bed and breakfast sounded like the place to do it. At twenty eight I finally was financially stable and I felt like I deserved this small trip. I also had noticed a recent change in my metabolism, and I wanted to explore that somewhat. Like most men my age, all the junk food I was used to consuming began to stick. After about ten pounds that went straight to my gut, I weighed about 165. Having always been a chubby chaser, I’d fantasized about my own weight gain but could never stick with it. Now seemed like the time, and a southern inn with free breakfast sounded perfect.
    I arrived at the Little Brick Inn around two o’clock. The summer heat mixed with the humidity was practically unbearable. Just the walk from my car to front desk left my shirt soaked. The owner of Bed & Breakfast, Marcie, checked me in. She was very sweet and very large. There were only three rooms in the house and according to Marcie, mine had the best view. Boy was she right. My window overlooked the small pool in the backyard. Beyond that were the woods and a few other old looking houses. But the best part was the giant hunk of man lying shirtless by the pool. He had on a pair of skin tight, brightly colored, swim trunks that were not made for men of his size. He looked to be about 250 pounds and if those trunks were any indication, gay.
    I quickly changed into a pair of shorts and headed down there. If he played for my team, then this little trip could be even better than expected. I got down to the pool and could see that he was sitting up in his lounge chair. As I got closer I was delighted with the vision that greeted me. First, I had underestimated his weight. This guy was at least 300 pounds, if not more. Second, he was putting sun screen on.
    “Hey there,” he said. I was elated, I could tell from his voice he was definitely gay.
    “Hiya, you a guest here?” I asked. His bare stomach filled his lap so you could hardly even tell he had a swimsuit on.
    “I certainly am and you?”
    I replied that I was and what he said next left me gobsmacked.
    “Can you rub some of this on my lower back?”
    Shocked and aroused, I quickly said yes. I started in the middle of his back, but he kept directing me to go further and further out. Before I knew it, I was caressing this man’s ample love handles. I was hard as a rock and didn’t know what to do.
    “I didn’t catch your name?” he asked.
    “I’m Alex, nice to meet you.”
    “That’s a nice name. I’m Ryan. And I’m very happy to meet you.”
    I didn’t know what to say, so I just continued to knead the fat of his back. His love handles were soft but firm, bulging out a good three inches over his waist band. I stopped when I felt I could no longer keep this up without blowing a load and moved to a new chair. I tried to hide my erection, but it was difficult. He thanked me and leaned back. His massive gut lifted off his lap with this motion to reveal a considerable bulge in his swim trunks. I was impressed and somewhat surprised. Was he hard? After a few moments, I realized I was ogling and blurted out that I should go unpack.
    “Will I see you at dinner?” he asked with a flirty grin.
    I glanced at his gut and said: “Certainly.”
    The second I got back to my room I wacked off. This man, Ryan, was the stuff dreams are made of. Well, at least wet dreams. I couldn’t believe my luck; one of the guests not only had the chubby body of my fantasies, but also was gay and extremely flirtatious. I wondered if he could sense that I liked big guys? I’d barely said anything before he had me caressing the rolls of fat perched above his swimsuit. The B&B served dinner and I couldn’t to see how things would develop between us come mealtime. Plus, I had a dire hankering to see just how much food that stomach of his could put away. A man doesn’t get to that size from eating conservatively. And hey, I wanted to stuff my own face too- that’s part of the reason I came, right?